sunnuntai 11. marraskuuta 2012

Letter to another mother


this might all sound new agey to you, but this thing needs stronger measures and all the help we can get, so here goes.

My daughter was diagnosed 5,5 months ago. Since then I have been a nervous wreck, staying up untill late researching, writing my blog about this and reading all the Facebook group posts. My life was NS 24/7.

When I too heard about the upcoming biopsy after 2 relapses, I went mental. I had to take the trash out like 10 times a day to go out and cry. I needed help. I knew when the day of the biopsy would come, I would crumble. I needed to get myself sorted out, so I could be there for my daughter.

I booked an appointment with a therapist and did some deep thinking and soul searching.

The therapist said this disease is MY JOURNEY and it won´t affect my daughter that much if I don´t let it. Kids are strong. Adults, we carry all kinds of shit:)

It is hard to put into words what she told me and what I got from it. But I left smiling. This thing, NS, it won´t break me, I LAUGH AT IT. If I feel anxious in the morning, we go out, we have fun, it disappears.

It will try to consume me and my thoughts, but I won´t let it. Life is huge, and NS is just one little tiny thing. There are kids with cancer and worse diseases. If you look at your daughter closely, she is herself, happy, in no pain, has friends, can do everything her friends can. So her kidney spills protein, big deal. She is not in a wheelchair. Make NS tiny, and it will become tiny!

There will be days, NS will come and roll over everything, if we are weak. So make yourself strong. Set an example for your daughter. Life and it´s battles will not crush you. You will learn from them, you will be stronger and wiser. Your daughter will look at you and copy you and she will be stronger too. That is a great gift you can give your daughter.

So TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Do things that will make YOU happy. If you are happy, your daughter will be happy, NS or no NS.

POSITIVE thinking and POSITIVE energy. That will make this thing disappear.

It´s hard, but so worth it. My daughter has NS but we are smiling.

A huge big hug, I know you can do it. I know, because I know you love your daughter very much, and would do anything for her. But love yourself too, and do this for the both of you.


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