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please sign in at nephcure

The NephCure Foundation has a message:

I am sure at this holiday time, no one wants to think about Nephrotic is unfortunate that NS does not take a break during the holidays, so we too have to keep moving forward in our fight against it and everyone can help.

All of you know the battles endured with the current medications available to Primary Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) patients – the options are limited and come with unbearable and often times life-altering side effects. Unfortunately, one of the main reasons clinical trials fail to bring better drugs to market is because they lack the patient participation needed to prove efficacy and safety of the drug.

To aid in the push for better treatments for NS, NephCure set a goal earlier this year to identify 500 patients by December 31, 2012. So far, we are at 459 and time is ticking.

If you or someone you know has NS, FSGS, MCD, or Membranous Nephropathy (MN) please spread the word and complete the patient survey on the NephCure website:

Read more about our Find 500 campaign here: please share the link.

Together, we can and we will do more to beat Nephrotic Syndrome and bring better treatments to market.

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