perjantai 6. joulukuuta 2013

Still in remission that will last forever, I am sure.

L has had a flu and a strep infection and has not relapsed. She had her bones checked and they were fine, not affected from the Prednison. I thank you kale green juices!

She eats anything she wants now ( no McDonalds or junk food obviously) and we have two cats. No allergy issues, no nothing, just good health and a happy, appreciative life.

She still has a green juice most mornings, a spray of vitamin D and I make nutrious food and yummy chia seed and berry smoothies for dessert.

She was healed, like I always knew she could be.

Try everything, do your own research, trust your intuition, eat healthy, try the green juices. You will not lose anything, but you could gain health. Not bad odds, I say!

I wish good health for everyone! BELIEVE it can be done.

My honouring tattoo:

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